In White Agency is born out of the idea of doing exactely what you want to do, no exceptions! One morning I woke up after having gone through some failing business ideas and I had to ask myself the question: “What is it that I really want to do?” and “What can I do for the rest of my life without getting bored?”

It’s communication and more specific online communication. I love talking to people, I love creativity and the internet is my favorite place for almost everything that is fun. Before my crazy business adventures I was working in bridal marketing and sales training and always continued to build up my blog and Pinterest while pursuing other things. Meanwhile I was building a network of insanely talented creative professionals that I enjoy working with.

Since the team of In White Agency has been in place and my head is where it’s suppose to be, my life is so much more focussed and a great love and passion for my job has returned.

You might wonder why we only work for a female audience? Simply because that’s what we are good at! I believe in doing what you are good at and leave the rest for other people that can do a better job. Because of a great passion for sports, fashion, interiors, food and bridal, we can provide highly targeted campaigns to the right target group. Using your own audience and combining with an audience that we have build as a team.

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Fleur Kolk


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